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Have you ever sat back after writing and realized you don't remember the hours passing? The characters had been leading themselves and may have changed where the plot was going. You might have to rewrite the ending butoh this is going to be so much better now.

I crave that feeling.

By having a fully developed character you unlock their ability to drive the story, change the plot, and make the story a breeze for you to write. This strategy is how I’ve been able to complete four manuscripts, three of which I drafted in less than a month.

But what if you don’t have a plot, a well-rounded character, or the motivation to finish writing?

This course teaches you how to tell the stories of people. The most impactful stories are those about change and overcoming challenges both external and internal.
As a youth support and advocate, I know first hand how trauma shapes the rest of someone’s life story & I know how writing trauma-informed characters can change the way you write. By following along in this course you’ll not only learn how to fully develop a character but also the plot, and the difficulties your characters have to overcome. All the while, we'll be drafting scenes to add to your story and get your novel underway!

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Who This Course is Built for

I feel there are 6 levels of any story. You could have written a bestselling novel but you'll always end up hitting the same rough patches if you don't have a system that works for you. These first three levels are the ones that this course can help you work through.
Level 1:
You have an idea for your novel but don’t know one or more key details. I.e. the plot, the characters, the setting and/ or where to start

Level 2:
You’ve started writing but haven’t written in a while. You have writer's block or don't know what to do next in the plot, maybe something needs a rewrite, or you just lack motivation

Level 3:
You have a good amount written but feel very stuck. Maybe you really want to write but just can't! This usually tells me I have one of two things: plot problems or character motivation problems

So whether or not you have an idea of the character you want to workshop already, I would love it if you came to the course with at least an idea of who this person is (the main character, villain, sidekick) Or what they are doing in the story (looking for riches, trying to get the gender nonconforming wizard to grant them wisdom in love, etc.)
I tend to get the best idea of a character by working in scenes and situations- even if these never make it to the final writing. So after each section, you'll be creating the outline of a plot and you'll be writing a scene.

Hi, I’m [A dork]

Call me Jasper Jay. I'm a certified peer coach. I spend my days talking with young adults about their trauma and coping mechanisms so that we can bring joy back into their lives.

I write snarky, gay fiction for the same reason; sometimes we just need a reason to laugh.

Of course, I love to write and have been doing so for most of my life. I’ve written four manuscripts to completion and am actively working to publish the series. All the while I’ve been reading up on writing, blogging, creating content, writing fiction, and read more than my fair share of YA fiction.

I’ve been wanting to create affordable online classes the distill the knowledge I’ve found and also bring some points to light so that they may never be forgotten.

But of course, my main goal is to support you! If there’s something you’re looking for information on I’d be happy to make some recommendations or offer my thoughts! Reach out to me on my website

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